Mangiapane Computer Controls, Inc.

678 Front Avenue NW, Suite 215

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504

Telephone: (616) 458-3760


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Founded in 1991 by Dawn Strahl, Mangiapane Computer Controls originally designed firmware and hardware for PLC equipment. Since then Mangiapane has also been involved in the design and programming of test fixtures to functional test PLC equipment. As Mangiapane grew, we began developing our own embedded products, designing hardware, firmware and software. In addition, we manufacture the products we develop.

Recognizing the need to easily and economically store, manipulate and communicate large amounts of data on an Allen-Bradley SLC system, Mangiapane has developed a PCMCIA module for the 1746 chassis backplane. This allows the SLC, through ladder programs, access to PCMCIA sockets. The PCMCIA sockets are setup as a standard FAT16 file system, allowing data portability. The power of this module will greatly enhance the productivity of the SLC family of products.